No Sophisticated Workshop Needed

You don't need a lathe or a table saw or a router.  The most extravagant equipment you need is a common rotary tool.  You also need basics like sand paper, hobby knife, wood glue...

Only basic tools are needed for Yucca flutes

Anyone Can Do It

You don't have to be an experienced woodworker, or a musician, or a flute maker.  Seriously, YOU can make a flute from a yucca stalk.

Making a yucca flute is fairly easy

How do they sound?

Yucca and Agave flutes sound great!  They have a soft, mellow voice.  Here are a few sound samples.

Yucca Flutes sound great

Choose PDF file or a Pre-printed Booklet

The PDF version is 54 full-color pages formatted in 8.5 X 11.  You can read it on your laptop or desktop computer, your iPad, or your smart phone.  You can print it out, but that can be a chore and can be expensive at the local business services store.

The pre-printed version is 53 pages, printed and bound, with full-color images and diagrams.  And naturally, you don't have to print it yourself.

Yucca Flute book available printed and bound, or as PDF

Step-by-step, easy to read, easy to understand, easy to follow instructions...

This is more than just guidance.  It is more than just a starting point.  But it's NOT information overload.  The Internet is full of so much information on flute making, tools, techniques, specifications, theory, etc. that it is hard to process.  I went through all of that and nearly gave up.  But I persisted.

I gathered all the information, threw out what wasn't needed or was confusing, and documented how to do it for others.  This booklet is clearly written, and augmented with photos of the actual process.  It shows you a yucca Native American Style Flute from start to finish.

Yucca/Agave Flute Resource and Info

Here is a small collection of other information on Yucca and Agave flutes.  In these sites you will find additional information related to owning, making, and playing Yucca flutes.


by Clint Goss
An encyclopedia for the Native American Flute

Downloadable Finger Hole Placement Calculator

Useful tool for calculating the location of finger holes on a Native American Flute

NAF Tuning Table

Use this table to tune the note holes when you are making a Yucca/Agave flute

Learn To Play the Native Flute

Hands-on workshops and private instruction

Article in Undercover Arts Magazine

by SAACA (Southern Arizona Association for the Creative Arts)
Check out Page 26

GROOVING NATIVE VIBES – Interview with Native Yucca Flute Maker Joe Yeatman

by - RAMINGO! Life As You Don't Expect It

World Flute Society : Overtones 2020 Vol. 1

Flute Maker Joseph Yeatman: An Interview by - Dr. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl

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